Road-Rage Escalation

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this is really sad to me, and i’ve been thinking obsessively about it actually. i can’t help but think that this stuff isn’t taken seriously by the police, media, people in general because we were on a bike. like we deserved it or some b.s.
this is also something in general that i’ve thought of for awhile too, that many people don’t regard us as humans on our rides, but as objects that can be screamed at, hit and generally abused in ways that people wouldn’t normally treat another human being. maybe it’s partly what happens when you get inside of your steal cage and nothing seems real, i’ve felt it, or maybe it’s how we’ve been protrayed. none of this is really thought out fully, and i’m sort of rambling, but to say the least, this gets me really upset.

i guess my question is how do we make ourselves appear “more human” to people. i don’t know if those ‘baby on board’ signs did anything, but people at least remember them and got them thinking a bit.

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