Road-Rage Escalation

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my friend was riding home from work the other day and came up to an intersection. she said that this guy in a car drove up and stopped in the center of the intersection. this made her a little nervous as she didn’t really want to be near a sketchy driver, so she looked and went through the light and carried on her way home. i suppose the fact that she went through the light and the car had to stay aggravated the driver. he then sped up to catch her when the light changed yelling ‘i hope someone flattens you’. luckily he didn’t take any physical action against her, but this was such a negative violent wish that it was sure to ruin her night.
people really do have a problem sharing the road. its ridiculous.
i’m for the idea of ‘pass with care shirts’ or ‘we are traffic too’ shirts.

ROADbike SIDEwalk is always the argument i think of when someone tells me to get off the road.

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