Road-Rage Escalation

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on a related note, this just happened to a friend of mine on sunday and is really sad. for those of you not (understandably) in the know of the punk rock subculture and sub genres and sub sub genres, there is frequently infighting between different types of punk rock, “hardcore” music, oi, etc. although it all kinda came from the same place, there have been lots of divisions. i’m not going to get into the differences on this board, but i thought it could use some context. this is another lesson on how a bad situation can get worse.

For those that havent already heard it through the grapevine, and those who only got partial stories, I was attacked Sunday night on my way home after an excellent wall session of o fries and dude talk.

I was riding my bike up ellsworth when a car full of white dudes shouted something to the effect of “get off the road faggot!”. Whatever, happens all the time. They stopped at the light on the corner of ellsworth and aiken. As I passed them, the passenger attempted to spit on me and I instinctively reacted by spitting back and turned left up aiken. The car chased me for up aiken around baum and center until they cornered me in the parking garage next to whole foods where two of the four dudes preceded to break my nose and give me a fractured sinus cavity, all the while telling me to “get a real job” and “go listen to disrupt” and calling me a “crusty faggot”. After the first beating, one of the dudes attempted to come at me with brass knuckles, but luckily a security guard getting off his shift walked out and scared them all off.

The car was a red sedan, possibly a honda, lisence plate GPL 1385 (Im not sure about the 1385 but definite about the GPL). The two dudes I saw up close were: Driver: approx. 6 ft tall, short blonde hair, very aryan features and wearing an American Nightmare t-shirt. Passenger: Slighltly shorter, wiry, wearing a XXL hoodie, black flat brim hat and some kind of horizontally stripped black and white t shirt. He had dark brown/black hair and a short scraggly beard.

I filed a police report and went to the ER. Luckily, Im pretty sure I got a license plate, and, if not, Ive been led to believe there were security cameras in the garage. Please remeber this board is a public forum and those who care should excercise restraint in whatever they say about this subject.

Whats the worst part about all this you ask? I dont even like Disrupt.


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