Shortest time to flat on a new tube?

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I had a curious day for flat tires. It got me wondering what sort of experiences folks who’ve been around the block a bit more than me have had in that area.

Anyway, I got my hybrid used (pretty gently from the look of it) back in July with some Kenda puncture resistant something-or-another tires. I’ve put slightly over 1000 miles on them since then with no flats… until today.

On my way out, I noticed my rear tire was flat, so I drug the bike back in and swapped the tube for one of my spares in the relative comfort of my half-heated basement. I was careful to check the inside of the tire and all that as I reflected on how much it would suck to be doing this again outside somewhere…

So, a few hours later, I’m on Liberty coming up the hill past the bridge into Bloomfield with my brand new tube. I guess I must have been paying more attention to the cars than the road as I was going through the intersection. I dodged most the craters, but I was a bit slow to notice one, and I took it head on. Well, I managed to hop it with my front wheel (flat pedals), but that was about it.

I pulled over and adjusted some stuff that had been knocked half off my rack, and thought all was well. A bit later I noticed my back end feeling suspiciously squishy…

So, I got to fix my tire out in the cold anyway. Luckily I was pretty warm from the climb out of downtown, and I had some medical exam gloves with my tools for just such an occasion. It’s amazing how much of a difference those things make in the cold compared to bare skin.

So, a couple questions for you all…

1) Any amazing stories about the shortest life you’ve gotten on a freshly fixed flat? (Bad patch jobs don’t count unless the rest of the story is really cool) I’m assuming that 3 hours, while a personal record for me, is probably not particularly impressive in the grand scheme of things.

2) What would you do about an obstacle that you had no opportunity to stop for or to steer around? I’ve heard references to things like “bunny hopping”, which I imagine involve riding pedals that aren’t flats and launching the whole bike over something. Anyone care to enlighten me on how such things are done? MTB enthusiasts?

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