Singlespeed mountain bike

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Aaron S

For sale:

1997 Schwinn Project Underground frame (it’s carbon fiber w/ a thermoplastic encasing making it heavier than normal carbon fiber bikes, but it’s such a high thread count the thing will probably last forever. Titanium drop outs, bottom bracket and headset tubes).

Some more info at…

Frame size is a 19″, but in today’s sizes it fits more like a 17.5″ since the top tube is shorter than current day bikes.(has that traditional NORBA geometry, which makes it handle incredibly quickly).

1998 Judy XC fork (honestly, it fits the bike since that’s when it was made, but if you really wanted to make the bike ride sweet you’d throw a rigid fork on it or a newer fox vanilla, as todays forks are longer, and it would relax the bike a lot.)

XT v-brakes

Easton EC-70 flat handlebar

120mm Thomson stem

Surly Single-eater

18-tooth cog(but I have a 19-tooth if you’d prefer).

Bontrager Race Lite rear wheel

Bontrager something cheap front wheel

26″ if you had to ask.

Shimano LX Crankset w/ 3 rings on it, but it’s only using the 32-tooth middle ring.

older (like 1998) shimano XTR front derailleur used as a chain-guard in the front

your choice of ergon grips w/ bar ends, ergon grips w/o bar ends, or regular round lock-on grips

I’ll throw in a pair of egg-beater pedals if you want.

aaron dot shelmire at gmail dot com

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