Spring Cleaning: road and mtn bike parts for sale

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Aaron S

Used for one season of cyclocross. In perfect working condition, purely cosmetic wear on the shifters from flipping the bike upside down in parking lots to work on it.

ultegra 6600 Brake/Shifter levers (2×10 spd) – 150

ultegra 6600 rear derailleur (10 spd) – 50

shimano rs-20 wheels, maybe 300 miles: 100

xero-lite 700c wheels, many miles but still true, the bearings are the loose kind (not cartridge) and wear out often, the wheels are heavy, like 1900 grams and not aero: 20

In great condition, used for maybe 15 rides (yes, two of those “rides” were 100 miles, many were 40-50+ miles) on a mountain bike:

shimano xtr shadow 9 spd rear d. (carbon cage) – 100

shimano xt (3x9spd) shifters – 50

email me at aaron (dot ) shelmire (at) gmail (dot) com

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