Stolen: 2007 Olive Green FELT 29er from Market District – Thief Witnessed

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Around 8:30 pm on Monday Sept 28

Market District, Shadyside/S’liberty

Bicycle stolen by cutting Cable lock (*shame)

Bicycle Description: FELT 29er, Olive Green Hardtail Mountain Bike

29″ Wheels

19″ frame

Hayes Disc brakes

Black Rock Shox REBA fork

XTR Rear derailleur

This bike was stolen around 8:30 Monday, 9/28/09, in front of market district. A witness helped out, and we were able to obtain a description of what happened –

An african-american man, about 40 years old and missing a front tooth, approached the locked bicycle with cutters. He was about 140lbs and 5’6″. The witness asked what he was doing, and he said it was his bicycle and left the key at home. An accomplice walked over and supported this claim. At this point, they pulled the lock off and started moving away. The witness saw it was a combination lock, and immediately called police.

The two men- one riding the stolen bike one walking- proceeded down Centre in the direction of East Liberty.

I have reported the incident to police, and they have a description of the bicycle and the thief.

Please- if you see this bicycle, call the police. I reported this to Officer 230096.

Thanks- attached is a photo of what this bike looks like (sans 19″ frame and black fork)

Felt 29er 2007


I’ll keep my eye out as I commute through E. Liberty.


From what I’ve heard here before, it sounds like it’ll probably get sold to someone on a corner in East Liberty in the nighttime.


:( will keep eyes peeled.

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