stolen bike in FRIENDSHIP-very unique

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Anonymous #

Hi gang,

Last night (very early hours between midnight and this morning Sunday 9/9) someone came into our fenced yard and stole my bike off of the back porch.

My bike is one of a kind. It was hand-built some years ago, is very much loved, and is my main source of transportation.

Details/photos are below. I live in Friendship, a block south of the Quiet Storm coffee house.

As an added bonus, a friend of mine is positive that she just saw someone riding my bike down Liberty Ave in Bloomfield. He turned off into an alley just past the Church Brew Works and she lost sight of him. White male, 20’s, blue t-shirt, brown hair, possibly a goatee.

I’ve filed a olic report with Zone 5.

Please keep an eye out and help me find my bike. Thank you!

-white FORT hardtail mountain bike frame (maze in Czechoslovakia) constructed of aluminum Columbus Zonal tubing

-older red Manitou suspension fork

-Avid mechanical disc brake on front

-copper colored titanium v-brake on rear

-black rims/spokes; Presta valves ; front rim is Alex anti-snakebite rim

-black city tires with a pretty smooth tread

-black Performance Forte saddle with white and red logo stitching on the rear

-silver Ritchey seatpost

-black Ritchey handlebars

-black seatpost-mounted cargo rack

-red Yeti grips with short black bar ends

-grey scratch on head tube, near the badge

-yellow Crank Bros Candy pedals

-2 water bottle mounts

-Truvativ cranks

-SRAM 7.0 rapid-fire shifters (27 speed)

-Shimano XTR derailleurs (front and back)

Anonymous #

Here’s a photo of the bike…it’s the best one I can find right now


Anonymous #

Good luck. I, personally, will keep an eye out for it. Can’t necessarily speak for the rest of the crew though; my custom bike is still awol after almost a month.

Anonymous #

We’re practically neighbors. I’ll keep an eye out too.

Anonymous #

Just bumping this up as it’s not turned up yet. Thanks to those who are keeping an eye out.

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