Stolen: black 1980s Fuji Absolute steel bike

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Hello All,

Last week my road bike was stolen out of my fenced-in backyard off of Stanton Ave (East Liberty), possibly overnight between Thursday and Friday. I’ve reported it to the police and put it on a couple different media sites. I’m adding it to this site per someone’s recommendation in case anyone sees it or can keep an eye out for it.

The post won’t allow me to add a photo due to some technical error so I’m going to describe it as best I can! It’s a black, steel frame Fuji road/racing bicycle, with bright red drop handlebars and black brake hoods and silver brake levers. The housing is all brigh rred as well. The wheels have I believe 32mm tires, and the rims have the word “VUELTA corsaHD” in red. There is a back black rack attached and a suede-ish San Marco saddle. There is only a back black fender attached, no front fender, and the stem is silver. Notable features are the red drop handlebars and pedals, a Kindred Cycles sticker near the bottom bracket, and the words “Fuji” and “Absolute” in red on the black steel frame.

When I am able, I’ll try to attach a photo again, but I hope this is enough to give everyone a clear picture. Please keep a look out!




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  • This topic was modified 9 months, 2 weeks ago by  sidridge.


Pictures: Post the pic somewhere else then link it here.

Get the path to the file, starting with http or https, and ending with .jpg

Replace square brackets with angle brackets in the following:

[img src=“”]

Myself, I tweet the photo, then grab the link to the tweet, which you can post here OK.

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