Stolen gun metal grey 2011 Scott Addict RC road bike at 1520 Murray Ave

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<p class=”content-body”><span class=”truncate-line-truncation-wrapper” data-testid=”truncate-container”><span class=”truncate-line-truncation-content content-body-full”><span class=”Linkify”>Ughh! My gun metal grey 2011 Scott Addict RC road bike (54cm) was stolen from my driveway last night. It has white handlebar tape, a carbon I9 wheelset, dura ace cranks and shimano 105 rear derailleur. The hoods on the shimao shifters are quite worn. Here is a picture of what its generally looks like.. but not this is not my bike. Feeling generally disappointed in humanity. Please call, text or email me if sighted. Thanks. zak wills 6175013298</span></span></span></p>

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