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i’d looove to see the return of streetcars, they’re just a much more pleasant ( quiet/pollution-free/etc) form of urban transit than buses.

i rode down market st in SF everyday when i lived there, and i agree they’re definitely a bit nerve-wracking, so it’d be important that they were properly integrated into streets. i fell on them once in the rain (wet steel = slippery), but otherwise was fine. I think a big consideration is that if you have street cars you tend to have a more mixed-mode use of the street (peds/bikes/trains/cars) and so it tends to slow things down (speed-wise, not necessarily throughput-wise) so the the danger to a bicyclist would be reduced overall (i.e. slightly more risk due to tracks but much less risk due to high-speed car traffic). Anyhow, I’d say good street/transit design could deal with most of this risk and educating bikers (don’t cross at a shallow angle, use wider tires, etc.) would deal with most of the rest…

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