Stripped bottom bracket shell

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Ok, I so I have to start this post by noting that I’m a dumbass – I’ve stripped my bb shell in a perfectly predictable way (anyone who really cares how this came to be can see the end of the post). Now I’m looking for advice on how to replace the bb in a such a stripped shell.

1) I’ve heard that you can re-tap the threads with a different thread size (e.g. Italian). Does anyone know a shop that has equipment do this? Will FreeRide be able to re-tap bb shells? How about Kraynick’s? Does this even work on a mountain bike?

2) Threadless bottom brackets – anyone have any experience installing or using these?

3) Is there any kind of gluing than can substitute for having full threads?

Anyone else have any good ideas?

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Here are the details of my foolishness: My bottom bracket (Shimano splined MTB BB) creaked fairly loudly since I built up my bike about a year and change ago. At one point, I tighted the plastic side too tightly and stripped the threads. Rather than rectifying the problem immediately, I rode around some more and tried tightening a couple more times. So I’ve certainly earned whatever fate comes to me.

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