Team Decaf Rides 2014

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Aprils 1st is coming and this is not a joke… :)

Team Decaf Group Rides

When: Tue, April 1, 6pm – 9pm
Where: Tazza D’oro, 1125 N. Highland, Highland Park 15206 (map)
Where: Tazza D’oro, 1125 N. Highland, Highland Park 15206
Description: Team Decaf Group Rides Join us for fun city rides. Free to all. Team Decaf rides every Tuesday at 6:15 pm sharp, from April – September. Our ride routes will cover 17- 25 city street, road miles in 1.5 to 2 hours. We break into groups from C+ to B paced groups – moderate to fast-paced speeds with few stops. New riders may find this difficult. Tough hills are unavoidable and often enjoyable for our riders. More info at Questions? Email directaxis57 [at] gmail [dot] com or text/call ride leader, Dan O’Donnell, at 412.five five nine.4001.


Freaking pumped to have this tomorrow with beautiful weather. Any idea which route?


^ I don’t know for sure, but the first few weeks is usually just through Shadyside, jailtrail, town, L’ville, back to Highland Park. Most people dont have strong legs under them yet (myself included) so it’s not quite as fast as is is later in the year either.

BTW, for those sitting on the fence – dont be put off if you think this ride is too fast for you. While I dont think it is appropriate for a Flock-o-Cycles type rider, it does break into several groups based on speed and is doable if you can ride in the mid teens with minimal breaks for twenty miles or so. And since most of the routes are centered around the city, it’s easy to drop out at any point without being too far off on your own (just let someone know you’re dropping).


^ Marko82 is correct about the route and the speed of the ride. Our first ride of the season is an easy one, only 15 miles. Add a loop around Highland Park to get a few more miles if you want. Looks like a great night for our opener!

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