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Rebike Recumbent Bicycle – $250
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Date: 2007-07-06, 10:48AM EDT

Introducing the Rebike, the most fun to come out of Boca Raton since the 3 Liter Pina Colada Mix. It’s a recreational recumbent bicycle, featuring a large contoured seat, with backrest, adjustable without the use of tools. Handlebar also fully adjustable. This bike is in very good condition, has 18 speeds, and is complete and ready to ride. Recent road test after tuneup made me want to keep it. Don’t expect to set any land speed records, but do expect a lot of very relaxed, pleasurable cycling, in a posture usually reserved for reading. Or push the pedals harder for a real workout, yet delightfully different from a standard two-wheeler. Gets extra respect from motorists who suspect you might be paraplegic!

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