Transit Oriented Development, Bikes n Busways Nov.28 2013

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Interesting to see discussion about (1) Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) which is kind of a big thing, (2) bike lanes on busway teasers, (3) more potentially great stuff.

As often is the case, there’s lots of potential goodies and the devil is in the details and implementation, but I thought I’d point out the busway-bike bit.

(There are speculations and concerns, for instance, about splitting off the BRT to a non-PAT, for-profit busline – that topic alone could suck all the energy out of the room — but it’s really worth paying attention to, and it involves bikes and Complete Streets )
Cheers, V.
ps i am thankful for yinz


Thanks. Other areas of serious city congestion; the parkway east, green tree hill, 51/88, 51 and the on-ramp to the parkway west.

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