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I made an excuse to get out today because it was so beautiful and was thinking to walk just to spend more time out there.

But inside of half a block, got a little impatient itch and started to jog. Then a little faster. Never broken into a real run, but never really had to stop either and was very pleased with the speed over short distances with a lot of blocks and lights.

I’ve said to many people that since starting biking jogging/running just seems to slow and annoying, but maybe am having a bit of a change of heart. I even kinda enjoyed my slightly painful jog back from downtown one very icy and unpromising day winter day when it was a moderately big time looser as compared to the bike which I didn’t have that day.

Part of the thing I told myself with biking related to time efficiency of the workout. If I can get there in not much more than double the time to drive, which is common enough, I’d be CRAZY to drive. Now, with riding the single speed almost as fast for me as the geared bike and no hill I commonly need to ride tooooo steep, it’d be silly for me to avoid a more intense and varied workout.

Well, what about running? There are short distance situations where you can do very well that way, too. Not quite as well as biking obviously, but more activity and more varied activity, seems like I’d be… well maybe not be crazy, but at least missing something if I didn’t incorporate it into the repertoire.

Honestly, since my knees are fine, I think the biggest thing keeping me on the bike vs. jogging, at least on the really, really short stuff (a mile or less) might be just not having to worry about my kippah flying off my head. I HATE the clips.

Does anyone here do this? Maybe triathletes? Very curious. If anyone does transportation running, is it generally in the street, against traffic? Sidewalk definitely kinda sucks but in principle this seems like it should work well.


ive done it its ok as long as you dont have to haul anything with you running with a backpack is to much weight plus its harder on the knees. You might want to invest in a decent pair of running shoes to absorb some of the pounding


I usually don’t run the mile from my house to the bus stop on McKnight, it’s more like a fast walk. Occasionally I do run it, usually because of weather conditions, or because I’m late. My little hike, which I’ve probably done thousands of times, involves a couple of elevation changes each direction, so I’m well practiced in knowing where to make time, and where to lose the least time, if I’m trying for the fastest point to point trip.

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