Tree cutting on eft?

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A friend of mine recently driving along the Parkway said she saw tree cutting going on, a lot of trees down, on the trail. Can anyone confirm?  I was planning based on that to take forbes out to the meeting tonight.  I can’t leave early enough to get there quite on time, nor stay for the protest ride I’d dearly love to join but I’ll park myself on the sw corner of fifth and ross a couple minutes before 5, and ride out at 5 if anyone wants to join.  If we have more than a couple people I’d say let’s claim the single lane section of Forbes approaching the interchange and have a slow pedalling mini protest of another shitty little spot on the way.


I biked EFT from downtown to Oakland at 2:30pm and there were three Public Works on the trail, trimming trees and cutting back brush. When I was there I slowed to 10mph and biked around them. No big deal.

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