trees removed all along north side trail

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hi cyclists.

today i was alerted that the city is clearing all the trees and underbrush along the northside trail from the pedestrian bridge to the heinz lofts because some people there complained that they were blocking their views of …whatever you can view from there (the strip??)

this was done without consulting the city foreman.

if you ride that trail regularly, as i have, you know that that shade is awesome, and that the trail is in much better shape where the trees are.

the people clearing the trees said that they only hear complaints about them on the 311 line, and in a demonstration of backwards thinking said that no one ever called to say they liked them. Friends of the Riverfront, who share offices with Bike PGH worked hard to create a plan for these trees and that area that would keep erosion out of the river and make the trail a great place for users.

if you can PLEASE call 311 and let them know that the shaded trail is important to you. it is pretty terrible that they are doing this without consulting anyone… and along a significant portion of the trail


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