Tuesdays – Riverview Park

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Riverview High Rollers Ride…

TUESDAYS | meet @ 6:15 PM | ride @ 6:30 PM

Mountain Bike @ Riverview Park!

Bring lights, or there are plenty of bail-out points in the ride if you don’t…

This ride leaves from my crib, nestled in the quiet woods of Riverview Park, behind Perry High School.


LOCATION (pay attention here, trust me)…
The actual address is 25 Semicir St (23 and 24 are on the opposite end the street).

You can park on the opposite side of Semicir St from my house (the one with the RON PAUL signs out front).

If that is full, park in the high school parking lot (see google sattelite photo) next door to the house and empty most nights after 5pm. Nobody will bother you if you park there as long as the school is not having an event or marching band practice.

We will leave the house around 6:30 PM from the backyard house trails. I have a workstand, and various tools if someone needs a last minute bike fix. We usually end up riding 10 – 15 miles without really riding the same trails twice. There are a few spts in the park you will see more than once.

After the ride we have a tradation now of beer and Mandy’s Pizza. Feel free to BYOB, and if you forget I usually have a good stockpile of beer and/or wine to go around.

The skill level is intermediate to advanced-intermediate. There are fast downhills and uphills, some logs, and off-camber singletrack. There are also paved roads and other urban like obstacles.

I usually have a decent supply of brew on hand for the most important part of the ride, but feel free to BYOB if you like.

I am easier to reach via email at pghmtnbike@yahoo.com but feel free to give me a call if you want to come out last minute and/or need directions…

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