Turtle Creek Rail Trail

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Recently a new coat of crushed limestone was finally rolled on to the section of the trail on the Trafford / Penn Twp border that has washed out at least twice already.  It had been repaired last year with asphalt millings, which made the trail functional but a little rough for those on skinny tires.  It should be “as good as new” now.

Some drainage work was done in the upper end of the gorge in Murrysville.  The issue there is not flooding but landslides from the steep slope above the trail.  It’s not as bad as what happens on the Steel Valley trail near Kennywood, but it has been bad enough to block some of the drain pipes.  A few of us did a little work on this stuff last year with hand tools; honestly we made a good effort but I don’t think we made much progress that day.  This time the heavy equipment was brought in.

The video is posted here.

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