two bikes stolen from people who really appreciated them

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one was a chain with links, like the kind you’d get at a hardware store with a pad lock. the other was a cable lock with a combination. both the locks were cut, no damage to the fence (they were locked to the upper tube not the thinner metal). the chain was left behind without the padlock and a few links missing.

there is something weird about this situation though, because we went to talk to the people who lived in the house they were locked in front of and the first time we talked to her she said that she had talked to the police and they waited for us to come back to our bikes and when we didn’t she “had them removed”. so we called the cops and they said we need a case number. so we went back to talk to her again and she said she hadn’t talked to the police and didn’t have any case number. we called the cops back and they said they hadn’t gotten any bikes in the time frame we gave them or since then.

so someone is lying. any ideas anyone? is it possible, i should say is it likely, that the cops do have the bikes??

thanks for inquiring brad.

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