Useless pedestrian light at hot metal bridge

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I saw a jogger got hit by a car turning right onto the S water St at southside about 8 am this morning. The pedestrian light was green at that time, and the jogger was just following her instinct to go when it’s green. Fortunately, the car was just starting from a dead stop, so the impact was not great, but the jogger still slammed hard on the hood, fell on the ground, did a half roll and got up. She did not seem hurt, but her i-pod was trashed.
I was at the other side waiting for the pedestrian light to go green when this happened. I shivered from the sight of the accident, because if I was on her side, it would be me getting hit. I didn’t stay long with the jogger, and after seeing she’s fine, I took off to get to work. So I had no idea what happened next.
The morale of the story is: don’t trust the lights, especially pedestrian lights. Check both sides for traffic before entering the intersection, even though you have the right of way.

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