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KQV just broadcast an interview with Lynn Manion, Exec Director of the Airport Corridor Transportation Association, on its Pittsburgh Profiles program.

Topic: ACTA has just launched the Walk Pittsburgh Challenge, a method for compiling and tracking all the walking that people do in and around Pittsburgh. This is quite new, only a month or so old. ACTA is partnering with the Oakland Transportation Management Association and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership to bring this about.

Website for Walk Pittsburgh

Web page for the Challenge

KQV does not archive its interviews. It would be great to listen to the interview, if I could find it.

ACTA’s website, but nothing that I could find about the interview or the challenge. I sent them a note suggesting they post the interview somewhere.

Facebook link so you can “like” the page.

Twitter account


I try to avoid walking.

If necessary I may stop and wait until I’ve caught my breath. Walking your bike really isn’t an option for self-respecting cyclists; unless of course an officer directs you to do it, like on festival days at the Point.

At worst I might turn off onto an easier-looking street.
Like I did on Brushton the other day (just before that final rise).
But I had an excuse! I was riding my under-geared commuter bike.
Argh! I can’t believe I’m admitting any of this in public.
The unutterable shame of it…

What? Oh.
This is some kind of thing for pedestrians?


I saw “Walk Pittsburgh” was a sponsor of the WYEP thing in Schenley Plaza last weekend and had been meaning to look up what that was.

I walk to work a few times a month, and walk to a lot of places in the evening/weekend since my wife doesn’t like to ride when we go out. I had a fitbit to track my walk miles from a “walking challenge” we had at work but I lost it. Seemed to work pretty well aside from that though.


The ACTA folks may soon be forced to end the airport-area bus service they run, due to lack of state action on the Transportation bill.

There’s something funny and sad about them simultaneously promoting the virtues of walking.

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