Want to be able to stand on the pedals selectively but I'm a terrible klutz!

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Stu, the video of that woman passing you is very misleading. She was only about a foot away from your leg as she passed you, but the video makes it seem like it wasn’t that close. You can tell it was close by how quickly Mikhail positions his bike in front of her to prevent her from accelerating up the block. The lady then lurched ahead to within inches of Mikhail’s wheel as the light turned green, but your camera didn’t catch it. Also, the group appears to be way ahead of us when in reality they were fairly close. I guess it’s a function of the camera lens depth of field, but it seemed way more dangerous in real time.

Also, +1 to the driver behind this lady who stayed back at least two car lengths through all of this.

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Just for reference – Sylvan is the right turn off of Greenfield Ave where you turn left to go into Schenley Park

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