White TREK 700 stolen

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unfortunately I only now know that cable locks are not good enough for Pittsburgh :( . My white TREK 700 was stolen last Thursday the 24th from Filmore, a street in Oakland/Sq Hill that crosses S.Craig right where it’s the busiest (oh, it’s also the street of the CMU police office). It happened between 10am and 3pm and I’d love if any of you could keep an eye on it for me, please? :-|
I’m posting a picture, but would like to point out things that can differentiate it:
– well, not many bikes are white
– it has a flashy lime green bottle holder
– it has a little rear view mirror.

Thanks so much for any help. And I’d like to thank Erok for pointing this message board to me.

My cute bike


This is a really stupid question but how did you get a picture up. It just deletes everything when I do it.

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