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Two days ago, on my way up the steps in West View between Dunkin Donuts and the top of Horseshoe Curve, I encountered a downed tree of moderate size. I called it in to 911 and surely enough, it had been sawed out of the way by day’s end. Excellent work, thank yous to all involved.

Which got me to wondering: What happens to all those wood chips from grinding up those branches? I’ll tell you what didn’t happen: They did not get dumped on the muddy trail that leads from the top of the steps to the top of the hill. Scattered bits of that trail actually have something resembling pavement, but for the most part, it’s a soggy mess.

I don’t know who to contact and I don’t know what all would be involved, but it sounds like a win-win: Township has several cubic yards of wood chip debris to get rid of, and township has a muddy trail 0.1 mile away that could really use several cubic yards of wood chips to make it usable.

How many times does such a scenario transpire?

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