Consulting travel schedule Hon Nua 2 days 1 night For you to arrange a reasonable travel time, please refer to the Hon Nua tour itinerary 2 days 1 night here+ Early morning: Drive to Cam Ranh for breakfast, rest, drink coffee and then drive to Mon lagoon, Hon Nua+ Noon: Lunch at the crossroads to Mon lagoon+ Walk to Bai Rang for dinner, and group activities here+ The next morning: Get up early to catch the sunrise, take pictures+ 7 am catch the train to Dai Lanh + 11h: Arrive at Dai Lanh port, buy fish and seafood and bring them aboard to bring to Nua island. Come here, you can swim, swim, watch the coral+ 12h30: Open outdoor BBQ party+ 16h00: Get on the train to return to Nha Trang and back to SaigonThe cost of traveling to Hon Nua is temporarily calculated for your reference    Car rental: 500k    Chartering a ship (Mui Doi + Hon Nua): 180k    Hire a guide: 50k.    Eat: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner (280k), dinner and breakfast at Rang beach and the crowd, everyone prepares their own food (Simple, compact)    Tent rental: 50k    Cost of crib water, appliances: 100k    Total provisional cost: 1250k / person.The note when traveling Hon Nua, Phu YenWhen traveling to Hon Nua, you will encounter many difficulties and difficulties so to ensure the health as well as the comfortable fun for the whole trip, please remember the following points:     You must be well prepared for walking very far    Bring lots of water and dry, light foods    Bring mosquito repellent, insect bites, stomach aches, personal medical gauze    Bring a sleeping tent    Clothes should wear long-sleeved, soft, sweat-absorbing, sports shoesIn order to have beautiful, life-changing and distinctive images with individual impressions, challenge yourself with a trip to Hon Nua and Phu Yen. Please pocket all the Hon Nua travel experiences specific routes, details, specifics, extremely nice, cheap categories for added peace of mind. Author: wikitravel

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