Positive Spin Alumni: Stay connected!

Graduated from Positive Spin? What’s next?

Positive Spin is Bike Pittsburgh’s youth cycling program operating out of many Pittsburgh Schools and community groups. Positive Spin is a program that focuses on 4 learning modules: Bike Safety and Operation, Civic Engagement, Urban Navigation and Roadside Repair.

Did you enjoy an 8-mile bike ride with us along the North Shore? How about a bike ride to your local ice cream parlor to celebrate the season? As young cyclists, you are the next generation of commuters, city planners, architects, designers, city officials, teachers, workers, and leaders! If you want to keep on riding bikes, we want to help make that possible.

If you have completed the Positive Spin program, we want to stay connected with you. There are plenty of ways to stay involved. From cycling events across the city to volunteering and becoming a mentor to people younger than you, there’s plenty that you can do! Here are five ways to stay involved in Pittsburgh’s cycling community.

6 Things You Can do to STAY Involved!

Join the Slow Roll

BikePGH created the Slow Roll series to bring together Positive Spin students and alumni. We invite all people on bikes to join in and enjoy the ride. Our family-friendly pace keeps everyone safe and gives riders a unique perspective of our great city. Whether you ride mountain bikes, do cross country bike trips, or simply get together with your friends and like to ride around your neighborhood, you are welcome to join!

Volunteer in our Youth Programs

Interested in volunteering as a mentor in our programs? Contact PositiveSpin@bikepgh.org for more information! We are looking for people who can make a consistent commitment to ride with our youth.

Come to one of our big events

BikePGH offers large-scale community events for families and individual riders. The routes chosen can help familiarize you with navigating across Pittsburgh, while allowing you to meet new friends.

  • We have a community group specifically for women and non-binary riders, called WMNBikePGH! We enjoy monthly bike rides, coffee meet-ups and an annual forum!
  • Take a City Cycling class or workshop to reacquaint yourself with riding. We offer classes in partnership with community groups!
  • In the summer you can look forward to OpenStreetsPGH during the last weekend of May, June, and July and Pedal Pittsburgh the last weekend of August.

Become a BikePGH Member

Become a BikePGH Member

Now Its Your Turn! Start your Own Positive Spin Program

Get a copy of our free Positive Spin Toolkit — this takes all of the information you learned in Positive Spin and makes it available to anyone to host their own program. You could be the next person to start a youth cycling program. You’ll find downloadable activities, curriculum and procedures for running a smooth program.

Help us continue the legacy of Positive Spin by adapting the program to fit the needs of the youth in your community! There’s nobody better to lead a youth cycling program for your community than you!

Sign Up for our E-Newsletter

For activities, events, and information, sign up for BikePGH’s Messenger! The Messenger is the official email newsletter of Bike Pittsburgh. It goes out bi-monthly and it’s one of the key ways we communicate with people who bike and walk in the Pittsburgh region. Occasionally we will also send out Action Alerts when something really important is happening. We don’t waste your time, we don’t spam, and we don’t share your contact info.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, you can email positivespin@bikepgh.org.

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