WMNBikePGH Education Classes

BikePGH’s Women and Non-Binary Program is inclusive of trans and cis women, intersex people, non-binary, genderqueer, agender and gender variant folks, as well as those whose gender identity falls outside of the dominant conceptions of gender. The program encourages conversation and provides spaces to come together over biking, advocacy and related topics while increasing representation of people who have historically marginalized gender identities.

In 2019 we will host City Cycling and Bike Maintenance classes and workshop intended for women and non-binary people only. All classes require registration.

Check out our 2019 Class Opportunities below.

Confident City Cycling

Come learn more about crash avoidance, lane positioning, and bicycle maintenance! Our Confident City Cycling class includes an on-bike skills session and a group road-ride.

During this class you will review bike and helmet fit, as well as practice skills including: body bike separation, brake modulation, weight distribution, and quick hazard avoidance. After the on-bike skills session the class will go on a 60 – 90 minute group road-ride to practice strategies for crossing big intersections, riding on fast roads, reading traffic patterns, and road conditions.

Classes are structured to give participants education and experience navigating different traffic patterns, intersection layouts and types of bike infrastructure.

Free Healthy Ride bike rentals are available for participants ages 16+ to use during class instruction. If you’d like to use a Healthy Ride bike, you can request a rental on your class registration.

Next Session Date: Sun., April 7
Location: East Liberty
Register: Click here to register on Eventbrite

Bike Maintenance Basics

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